When you work with Hatmet, you work with Hatmet from top to bottom. Management personnel at every level are directly employed by Hatmet, which means they are Hatmet people used to doing things the Hatmet way and delivering Hatmet results.

From sharing initial ideas to the construction itself, including the pre and post construction processes, the people we employ will be committed to maintaining the ethos of partnership which keeps clients coming back time and time again.

The experience embodied by the Hatmet team, together with their commitment to delivering the best results on every single project, means that they will be committed to analysing every aspect of a project during the design phase. Anything which might delay or overly complicate delivery will be dealt with before it has the chance to impact on progress.

Above all else, Hatmet people are practical people, aware that the projects we deliver take place in the real world and not simply on paper. With this in mind we work with all parties to minimise the impact of any work being carried out on the client, on the wider environment and on the public at large. We ensure that this is the case by keeping the lines of communication open throughout, liaising with the client and other stakeholders in a way which ensures the free and transparent two way flow of information.