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We don’t simply work for our clients, we work with them, becoming a part of their delivery team for as long as it takes to achieve the results they’re looking for. That’s why the people we work with come back to us time after time. We can provide testimonials and examples of our work, but nothing speaks as eloquently as repeat business. People are persuaded to work with us by the projects we’ve delivered in the past. They come back again because they’re certain of what we’ll deliver in the future.

Consultants such as Gleeds, RLB, Malcolm Hollis, Hoare Lea Lighting, Studio Fractal and WSP work with us because they know an association with Hatmets will be good for both parties. To summarise in two words – we deliver. We deliver quickly without compromising on quality, and we deliver that quality whilst maintaining strict control of the bottom line. Every decision counts because every moment counts, and every moment counts because every penny counts. We never lose sight of that basic reality.

Early involvement in every project means that mistakes and problems can be spotted before they impact upon delivery. It also means we have a grounded and ongoing grasp of exactly what the client is expecting and more importantly what they need.

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