Health and Safety and Environmental

Here at Hatmet we believe in looking at the bigger picture. Our aim is successful project delivery, but a project can only be a success if everyone working on it is kept safe, and the environment within and around it is protected.

We look after our people like we look after our clients. In simple terms, everyone working for us has the right to return to their loved ones at the end of the day. Whether in the office or the building site, we make sure this happens.

That’s why we’ve only had one RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) incident in the last five years. It starts with the Chairman and runs throughout the company and wider supply chain; health and safety practices are monitored and implemented continuously and diligently, on behalf of our staff and the clients and members of the public our work impacts upon.

It doesn’t stop there. Safety should be a given, so we do more. We interact with the wider environment, sponsoring client’s representatives and members of the Hatmet team to undertake clean-up operations and wild life initiatives in the areas around our projects. At Brent Cross we sponsored bee keeping and cleaned rivers. In Greenwich we worked within a school, allowing pupils to gain an understanding of the work that was happening around them.

It’s about taking the long view, and using an approach to health, safety and the environment which will impact positively on people’s lives and the wider world for many years to come. We know our buildings will stand the test of time, and we like being able to say the same about the way we do our work.

We also sponsor Clients’ representatives and our own workforce to undertake active workshops and Client lead initiatives such as cleaning public areas and sponsoring wild life activities in the environs of our projects. For example Hatmet have sponsored bee keeping at Brent Cross, and the cleaning of rivers and the surrounding areas, as well as activities within a school in the Greenwich area, where we undertook training of pupils regarding the construction and the works undertaken within the school.