In-house design

When you work with Hatmet, all the expertise you need will be gathered in the one place. Our architects and architectural technicians are qualified to the highest standards and steeped in the Hatmet ethos, and when we work for you, our experts become your experts. We work alongside the client project team throughout the process. Before a single brick is laid, girder placed or light fitted we’ve finalised each detail, no matter how small or seemingly trivial. Everything that needs to be planned, from the precise project specifications to the smallest aspects of the design, will be agreed in advance by Hatmet experts and your project team. We know how vital a comprehensive preconstruction process is, and our in-house team works with you to ensure a successful delivery of everything you require.

We combine the expertise provided by the best people in our team and yours, and we also make use of the latest technology in the field. That means cutting edge software such as AutoCAD and Rhino, used to turn your ideas into fully developed designs. Once created, these designs then form the basis of the project delivery.  At every stage we work to meet and then exceed your expectations, and to deliver on time and within budget with the minimum stress.