Pre-construction support

The aim of our project teams is simple. It’s to streamline the preconstruction process, removing friction and dealing with issues in order to minimise the time eventually spent working on site, delivering construction. We treat projects of all sizes and types in the same disciplined and effective manner, front-loading expertise and experience in order to start working as soon as possible without sacrificing end delivery. The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll finish and the sooner our clients will be able to enjoy the results of working with us.

It begins with the design. We examine each design in depth, identifying issues and finding and implementing solutions. Orders and sub-contracts can be issued at the earliest possible juncture and on-site works co-ordinated prior to actual construction. Problems are solved before they have a chance to impact on the wider project, minimising costs and facilitating quick delivery.

The same process is then undertaken by our surveyors and buyers. Working with the construction team, they will identify and procure the best packages from our supply chain. Before the work on site even begins, everything will be in place, including health and safety files and phasing details.

Throughout this process we will liaise in detail with the client and the client team, building toward the delivery of a project which starts on time, runs as smoothly as possible and delivers on every expectation.



Through the early development of the design stages, our teams of surveyors and buyers will drill down into the sub-contractors package to identify the opportunities to enhance and assure the construction team that they have procured the best possible packages and scope for the project.

This means that early engagement of the sub-contractor will enhance the design and programme due to issues and design being fulfilled at an earlier stage and therefore manufacture and procurement of material can be brought onto the project in line with the programme of works and materials and resource shortfall can be controlled and monitored through this period and the construction period.


Construction teams

Our Construction teams headed by the project managers prepare programmes for both pre-construction and construction periods. This will enable the team measure and control the pre-construction period on the lead up to the commencement on site. Programme will be issued and the health and safety files and phasing plans will be built.

This enables Hatmet to establish the parameters of the project which includes pre-construction phasing details, programmes and the life expectancy of the project. Together with the Client, and the Client team, Hatmet work to achieve the goal of a timely commencement of the project on site.