Hatmet works in all parts of the UK on projects of every type. Whether dealing with a fit out or delivering specialist Clean Rooms, we treat every job with rigour and professionalism. Our experience, allied to the delivery framework we’ve developed over the years, allows us to offer clients the flexibility they expect and appreciate.

As the needs and expectations of each client shift, so does our ability to deliver exactly what’s being asked for.

The fact that our team is based in-house means that every member of that team, at every level, buys into the Hatmet ethos. We have the skills required to deliver on every project and, perhaps even more importantly, we combine those skills with the Hatmet attitude, an attitude which regards excellence and value as being the least our clients can expect.

We work with retailers such as Brent Cross Shopping Centre London and the Bullring Shopping Centre Birmingham and we create stunning commercial new builds like the MF Global Emergency Recovery Centre. Whether building from the ground up, or transforming existing spaces, we work side by side with the client from before day one. We know from experience that time is money, and that’s why we save our clients time on setting up sites and planning before execution. By being there before the start of a project and immersing ourselves in every detail we cut costs without cutting corners, delivering value whilst meeting the tightest of deadlines. In simple terms, we treat our clients’ costs as seriously as we treat our own, and time or money wasted is a concept we simply don’t accept.