Supply chain and manufacturing

Hatmet values its supply chain partners, which include an extensive list of suppliers and service lead contractors. Our aim is to involve our supply chain as early as possible. This engages communication and achieves certainty with respect to cost, programme duration and design problem resolution. This is achieved by Hatmet’s relationship with its supply chain, allowing its partners to give advise to the design team before, during and after the construction process.

With this philosophy in mind, Hatmet can provide a service to the Client that allows that Client to be able to make a judgement on whether the design criteria are achievable at a very early stage, and give comfort that the Client to have the ability to make key decisions at a very early pre-construction stage.


Once the design process has been completed, the formulation of a cost plan can be produced and  supported by a qualified detailed understanding of the design and construction process.

Such information  provides cost certainty, construction programme and construction details. This enables the Client to have the best possible information criteria before on-site duration of the life of the project.

Hatmet has the ability to provide the facility to manufacture specialist finishes either in house or through its supply chain. Our sister company, Gillespie (UK) Ltd, produces specialist GRG, Stonecast and GRP products to a world leading quality. Its products have been installed all over the world, including in a Saudi Arabian Airport, Suntec City (Singapore), The Venation Casino (Macau), Buckingham Palace and Prupim’s own offices in London, and with this a vast amount of knowledge.