The Future

When Hatmet deliver a project we expect it to stand the test of time, and the same is true of the business as a whole. The emphasis we always place on careful planning and preparation is reflected in our wider approach, and that means we’re extremely confident about the future of our business.

We have the strength, skill set, attitude and reputation needed to become established as a premier contractor within the industry. It’s all about fundamentals such as project delivery and client expectation. We never lose sight of those basic building blocks, and that’s why we outperform, and will continue to outperform, the competition.

Everything we do is shaped by the needs of the client and it’s that emphasis which will allow us to cement our place within the refurbishment and new build construction market. The work we do is built to last and so is the company, and that’s why we expect to be achieving a turnover of £25m within the next decade. When you deliver as many projects as we have you quickly learn a simple lesson; get the foundations right and everything else will follow. We’ve built the foundations of Hatmet on the firmest possible ground. Now it’s time to realise our full potential.