Brent Cross Shopping Centre – Mall 5

When Hammerson Plc decided to refurbish Mall 5 of the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, they handed this highly prestigious project to Hatmet, working with architects Beyond Communications. The aim of the project was to deliver a fresh, contemporary and practical new look for the mall, placing it in the vanguard of 21st century retail without impacting upon its’ ability to continue trading.

Working with Beyond Communications we took our tried and tested approach to pre-construction. A design was created and then examined in depth, in order to identify any issues before they had a chance to impact upon delivery, and to produce detailed and reliable cost plans, utilising our well-established supply chain.

The design called for marble flooring throughout, and a new lighting layout which included four stunning crystal chandeliers. Other aspects of the refurbishment included the use of visual graphics and decorations and the installation of new ceilings and other architectural features, all of which were created to refresh and revitalise the ambience of the mall.

Although the project lasted for 12 weeks, the works were undertaken outside of business hours, and so had no impact whatsoever on the people using the centre or the traders’ ability to do business. By the end of the 12 weeks, Hatmet had delivered a project which was fully in line with the client’s expectations, placing Brent Cross at the forefront of both design and usability.