Derby Shopping Centre

“Bright Lights and Cladding Everywhere” – that’s how the client described the project that was undertaken for Intu.

The project was to install five 7.5m diameter colour changing feature lights, some 200m2 of angular cladding panels and a 5m diameter globe hung from the structure.

The circular feature lights hung some 11 meters above the mall floor; the installation plus the building of such large lights was an amazing achievement for the Hatmet team and manufactures Kemp Lighting and client team from Workman LLP, Leonard Design and Hoare Lea to achieve an amazing one off project.

The cladding to the escalators initially designed by Leonards was an hexagonal with multiple irregular angles to the same shape.  The hexagonal shapes was formed of triangular shapes, manufactured from aluminium, Perspex with back lighting and copper mesh interwoven into the design.

Not only was the cladding designed in straight runs, but to add to the difficulty, the cladding to the circular area was facetted to give a curved effect.  The large illuminated globe was installed with light changing capabilities to give festive feel to the centre at important times of the year.

Easy when you have an amazing team with an amazing client!