The Meadows Shopping Centre

Client Legal & General looked to Hatmet to work with their professional design team lead by TB Bennett, to undertake a full refurbishment of the malls which make up the Meadows Shopping Centre. The project took 18 weeks in total to deliver and during this time the mall was able to stay open and carry on trading as normal.

The client called for a transformation of the existing centre and this is exactly what Hatmet delivered. The design created by the architects called for a new steel structure to be installed at each of the three entrances to the centre and the removal of the slab which had previously been a part of the High Street entrance. Each entrance was also revamped by the installation of a new glazed façade and the fitting of rain screen cladding. As ever, Hatmet had undertaken a detailed and thorough pre-construction process and had planned in detail to be able to deliver these changes in the optimum timeframe.

As with much of our work, the transformation included creating new decorations for the malls and high level areas and installing a bespoke lighting layout. In order to keep down costs and reduce the time spent on maintenance, the LED light fittings used throughout the building are either photocell controlled or work via a timing system.

By transforming the interior and exterior features of the centre, Hatmet delivered fully on client expectations whilst causing the minimum disruption to the retailers in the centre or the consumers visiting.