The Oracle – Holly Brook Mall

The third phase of the project was even more ambitious than the first, with a budget of £1.5m, and involved a full scale transformation of the Holly Brook Mall section of the centre. The lighting throughout the mall was transformed and enhanced, utilising LED linear lighting and the installation of new light boxes.

Structural work throughout the mall was extensive, and included lifting bulkheads to allow ceilings to be raised and thus shop fronts expanded. The shop fronts themselves were also stripped back and fitted with new structural steels. Upmarket clothing retailer Gant was fitted with aluminium framing, which enabled the creation of an impressive false double height frontage.

The decorative features of the refurbishment were utilised in order to transform the ambience of the mall and included a two tone tile effect around the entrance and lift lobby and a similar two tone effect on the rectangular columns – known as pilasters – which are placed at the front of shops. Curved Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) was used to create flowing lines and an organic feel throughout and perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the transformation was the installation of a new bespoke ceiling. The ceiling featured a spectacular display of fins, with each of the 42 fins measuring over 4.7m and twisting through 360 degrees. The unique and specialised nature of the fins is underlined by the fact that we had to have them manufactured in Iceland and then finished in Ireland before being imported into the UK.